Interiew Tong DynEd C1 Student in Thailand

ShengYin Gao_副本

Ziyi Huang, Grade 9

Xuer Hou_副本

Xueer Hou, Grade 9

Xi Liu, Grade 4

Yimu Li, Grade 5

Wantang Wen_副本

Wantang Wen, Grade 5


Beijing, China

2017 DynEd Shuren English Competition Successfully Ended

On December 21, 2017, 2017 “All-around King” Shuren English Speech Contest jointly organized by DynEd and Beijing Shuren-Ribet Private School ended with a great success.

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Settabutr Upathum School Bangkok, Thailand

The DynEd certificates were granted on the 9th of March 2017 during Settabutr Upathum’s Annual Ceremony.

Congratulations to these 7 EP Prep (English Program Preparation Course) students who all earned their DynEd Pro Certificate only after 6 months of consistent usage.

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DynEd and Teaching Toys Co., Thailand

DynEd Certification Awards Ceremony for 1,000 teachers in English Scholarship Project

On January 13th, 2017, DynEd and Teaching Toys Co., Ltd. organized a certification awards ceremony for teachers who participated in a successful English language scholarship project during the 2016 academic year.

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Sebastián Bogantes Álvarez

Ninth Grader Receives C1 Certification, First one in Costa Rica!

Sebastián Bogantes Álvarez is the first student at Centro Educativo Horizontes (CEDHORI) in Alajuela, Costa Rica to complete the C1 skill level, as defined by the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR).

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Nandayure Carbonell

Nandayure Carbonell earns highest marks and is DynEd-certified!

Meet Nandayure Carbonell, a high school student from Colegio Santa Ines in Heredia, Costa Rica. Nandayure began studying with DynEd in early 2016, as part of her school’s English program.

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94 Students

94 Students Receive their First DynEd Certificate in Aracaju, Brazil

This past Thursday, August 4th, ninety-four elementary and high school students at Colégio do Salvador in Aracaju, Brazil received their first DynEd certificate.

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Milantee Kopkirati

A Student from Thailand achieved Certificate level A1

Congratulations to Milantee Kopkirati, a student at Grade 7 (Mathayom 1) from Bansuksamran Municipal School, Ubonrachatani for achieving DynEd Certificate Level A1.


Sisaket, Thailand

DynEd Kids Certification Award Ceremony at Anuban Sisaket School, Sisaket

On March 14th, 2017, Mr. Apiwat Seangkhum, the principal of Anuban Sisaket School, Sisaket, distributed Kids Certificates to 30 students at an awards ceremony.


Sisaket, Thailand

DynEd Kids Certification Award Ceremony at Ban Nongnawiang School

On March 10th, 2017, 32 students from Bannongnawiang School, Sisaket received Kids Certificates from DynEd and Teaching Toys Co., Ltd. at an awards ceremony.



Learning DynEd Courseware for 4 Years and Well Prepared for Her Study in Cambridge

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My English Skills Improved A Lot: from Quantitative Change to Qualitative Change

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